Tips for Moving into a Smaller Home in Edmonton

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Moving into a new home is a significant life change. Firstly, it is a difficult decision to make. You don’t just decide that you are moving one day out of the blue. A lot of things have to fall into place before that. You must ensure you have financing, find a good neighbourhood to move to, etc. But it is an even more complicated thing when you are downsizing. And many people are doing that in Edmonton this time of the year. Edmonton has a very affordable housing market, so this isn’t all that surprising. However, if you are moving into a smaller home in Edmonton, there are some things you should do and know first. And we will share some of those tips with you in this article.

Give yourself time

As we said previously, moving is a big change, especially when moving into a smaller home in Edmonton. And as with all changes, adjusting and accepting them will take time. The most challenging thing will probably be the loss of space. If you are used to living in a much bigger home and suddenly in a small apartment, it is normal to feel frustrated at the beginning. But the key is to be patient. With time you will slowly come to accept this new reality and find ways to make it work for you. In the meantime, you should focus on the positive aspects of your new living arrangement. Things like reduced utility bills and easier maintenance are all benefits of living in a smaller home.

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Start planning early

A big mistake many people make is they wait until the last minute to prepare themselves for downsizing. And this is one of the worst things you can do. You will find yourself wholly unprepared and confused on moving day, and the whole experience will just be a nightmare. The day you decide to move should be when you start preparing for that move. And there are a lot of things to do when downsizing. So, make a plan and write down all the important stuff you need to do (declutter, find storage, hire a moving company, etc.) That way, you will be completely ready when you find the perfect home to relocate to.

Moving into a smaller home in Edmonton will require some decluttering

This is a crucial step when downsizing. If you want your new living space to be practical and functional, you must do some decluttering first. You can’t expect that you will be able to keep all the things you had in your former much bigger home. You can try, but the result will be a highly dysfunctional home overflowing with things. Getting rid of unnecessary belongings will make your life much easier. The key is to create a plan for decluttering. First separate things into three different boxes:

  • Keep
  • Throw away
  • Give to charity

But it is important that you are realistic and objective. Don’t fall into the trap of keeping things you don’t need just because you are sentimental. That way, you won’t get rid of much stuff. Keep only the things you will need or things that have considerable emotional value and can’t be replaced (family heirlooms, pictures, etc.). And if there are things you don’t need but are still usable, consider donating them.

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Think of storage space

Sometimes, even with decluttering, you will still have issues fitting all your belongings into your new smaller home. When you find yourself in a situation like that, the best thing to do is find good long-term storage. This is perfect for things you don’t use daily, like, seasonal decorations or clothes. But try and find a quality long terms storage unit. And by quality, we mean one that will be able to store your items for a long time without getting damaged. The best option is climate-controlled storage. This storage will make sure your items are stored at the perfect temperature, and that will keep your items safe through the changing seasons and weather conditions (especially those cold Edmonton winters). It may seem a little pricey, but climate-controlled storage is an investment that pays off in the long run.

Hire a moving company

Usually, people that come here from afar, and especially those moving to Edmonton from Toronto, advise hiring movers in these situations. That’s because relocating can be incredibly stressful and complicated, even more so if you move for the first time and downsize. Experienced professional movers know how to do this smoothly and efficiently. They have the necessary equipment to safely relocate your belongings to your new smaller home in Edmonton. They can also help you pack, another task that can be daunting if you have never done it before. And there are many quality yet affordable options for moving companies. You just need to do a little research and find the right one for you.

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Quick tip

One thing that people forget to do when downsizing is checking if their old furniture will fit in their new home. People do all the other preparations. They declutter, hire movers, and when they finally arrive at their new home, they are in for a horrible surprise. They can’t fit their furniture in their new home. So if you want to avoid this happening to you, you should measure your furniture first and see if it can fit in your new smaller home. If not, consider selling it or donating it.

In conclusion

Moving into a smaller home in Edmonton can be very stressful if you don’t start preparing early. You need to declutter, find a storage unit, hire reliable movers, etc. But you also need to mentally prepare for your new living arrangement because it will be a significant transition. We hope our tips were helpful to you and that you will use them in the future!

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