5 Smart Home Devices That Will Help You Save Money

5 Smart Home Devices That Will Help You Save Money Main ImageSmart home devices don’t just improve safety, comfort and convenience, they can also save you a ton of money. Reduce your utility bills with the help of these ultra-effective smart home products.

1. Programmable Thermostats

With heating and cooling costs accounting for the majority of a home’s energy bill, smart thermostats are the ultimate go-to when it comes to saving money. 

The Nest Learning Thermostat, for example, has been proven to save homeowners 10% - 12% on heating and 15% on cooling costs within a single year! This is partly due to the fact you can regulate your home’s temperature at the push of a button (even while you’re away). Even better, these devices are capable of “learning” your daily routine and adjusting their temperature settings accordingly.

2. Smart Lighting 

Improve energy efficiency and lower your electricity bill with smart home lighting features:

Smart Bulbs – An energy efficient bulb can save you up to $55 over the course of its lifetime*. Replace every bulb in your home and you’ll be cashing in on some major long-term savings. 

*ENERGY STAR certified

Smart Switches – You’ll never worry about leaving the lights on again! Smart switches will automatically turn lights on or off based on motion. As an added bonus, they can communicate with both your digital assistant and your programmable thermostat - turn down the lights, order groceries and turn up the heat all at the same time!

5 Smart Home Devices That Will Help You Save Money Energy Savings Image3. Energy-Saving Power Strips and Plugs

Did you know “phantom power” can account for nearly 10% of your electricity bill? In short, standby gadgets and appliances such as phone and laptop chargers, TVs, game consoles, satellite boxes, etc., suck up huge amounts of power when not in use. By installing smart power strips and smart plugs, you can both shut these appliances off automatically and/or prevent them from drawing phantom power, even when they’re left on.

4. Water Savers 

The average Edmonton household spends over $450.00 per year on hydro services (not including additional fees or charges). These water-savvy devices are sure to make a splash on your next bill: 

Outdoor Faucets – Control your outdoor sprinkler (and water supply) with the help of a Hose Faucet Timer. This device attaches to your regular garden hose and, using local weather info transmitted over Wi-Fi, waters your lawn only when necessary.

Smart Showerheads – Smart shower heads such as EvaDrop have been proven to reduce water usage by up to 50%. Some models will even allow you to adjust your temperature and water flow preferences, set timers, connect to Bluetooth and track your water usage.

Leak Detectors – While this won’t apply to everyone, smart leak detectors are ideal for homeowners worried about a faulty sink, toilet, appliance, etc. Simply put the device near the area in question and, in the event of a leak, you’ll receive a notification straight to your phone.

5. Energy Monitors 

Smart energy monitors are a great way to track your usage habits and identify your home’s most energy-reliant devices (remember those phantom devices we mentioned above?). Connected directly to your electricity meter or breaker, your monitor will track and deliver real-time readings, giving you the opportunity to make a few money-saving changes.  

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