17 Tricks For Making Any Small Room Look Bigger

17 Tricks For Making Any Small Room Look Bigger Main ImageTurn any small room into a sanctuary with these simple space-expanding tricks.

1. Cast Away Clutter

Nothing shrinks a room faster than too much “stuff.” Create instant space by getting rid of items you no longer use and by opting for small-space storage solutions.

2. Incorporate Mirrors

Mirrors reflect both the room and the light, tricking the eye into thinking the area is bigger than it really is.

3. Multi-Purpose Pieces

Save space by letting your furniture do double duty. Ottomans, coffee tables with storage and folding items (i.e. chairs) that can be easily stored are all great choices.

4. Settle For Simplicity 

Choose plain, neutral coloured upholstery and textiles over busy patterns. Keep it interesting by integrating an array of textures.

5. Neutral Paint Tones 

Like the upholstery and textiles mentioned above, white and neutrally painted walls will make any space feel bigger and brighter.  

17 Tricks For Making Any Small Room Look Bigger Light Image6. Loads of Light

Capitalize on natural light as much as possible. If the room has limited windows, create a brighter atmosphere with lighting that won’t compromise floor space, such as wall fixtures and track lighting.  

7. Legs For Days

Long-legged furniture creates a less-obstructive view, thereby making any room look more open and inviting.

8. Look Up

Paint or wallpaper on the ceiling will draw the eye upward, giving the impression of extra height. 

9. Off the Walls

Placing furniture against the walls to create the illusion of space often has the opposite effect. Angling furniture or keeping it a few inches away from the wall can create a sense of openness. 

17 Tricks For Making Any Small Room Look BiggerMonochrome Image10. Make It Monochrome 

When incorporating colour, choose monochromatic schemes with particular emphasis on light blues, greys and yellows to achieve an ultra-roomy appeal.

11. Use Vertical Lines

Use vertically lined panelling, wallpaper or flooring (even an area rug) to make a lengthy statement. 

12. More is Less

When it comes to furniture, opt for a few larger pieces (i.e. a wall to wall bookshelf) over several smaller items, which will make your space look cluttered.

13. Add Drapes

Choose either a light fabric in the same colour as the walls or sheer material to add depth (dark and heavy drapery will make the room feel more enclosed).

17 Tricks For Making Any Small Room Look Bigger Simplicity Image14. Keep It Simple

Be selective when it comes to knickknacks, art and other items on display. Pick only one or two key pieces to keep the room from feeling too “busy.” Colour coordinated items also provide a streamlined look.

15. Leave Room

Occupying every shelf, nook and cranny will make the room look cluttered (even if it's perfectly organized). Keep some areas clear for a more open feel.

16. Be Dramatic

A singular large-scale statement piece automatically creates a point of interest. This is a trick often used by design experts to make a room appear more expansive.

17. In the Zone

Add useable space by creating different zones. For instance, with the right furniture placement and a few area rugs, your living room may double as both an entertainment and workspace. 

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