Edmonton's Top Ten Neighbourhoods

Edmonton's Top Ten Neighbourhoods Main ImageWhen it comes to amazing neighbourhoods in Edmonton, we know each and every one has its merits. Some offer close proximity to essential family amenities such as Edmonton schools, while others sit just steps away from Edmonton's vibrant nightlife (pubs, restaurants etc.). As an Edmonton home buyer, no doubt amenities are a top priority. However, there are three (often overlooked) factors you’ll want to consider before deciding on an Edmonton neighbourhood to call home. These include:

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Home Values - Getting the best value for your hard-earned money (based on prices in neighbouring areas) 

Price Momentum -The likelihood of price acceleration and a larger return on your investment (based on current trends)  

REALTOR® Grade –How Edmonton REALTOR®S® rate the neighbourhood*(based on a 5-star scale) 

So, if you’re a savvy Edmonton home buyer looking to capitalize on your home purchase now and later, these top ten Edmonton neighbourhoods** will offer you the most bang for your buck: 

1) Downtown St. Albert – St. Albert, AB. 

Average Home Price (2017): $294,567  

Value: 84% 

Momentum Rate: 57%  

Edmonton REALTOR®® Grade: 4.5/5

Edmonton's Top Ten Neighbourhoods Downtown Image2) Oliver - Central Edmonton 

Average Home Price (2017): $313,570 

Value: 56% 

Momentum Rate: 80% 

Edmonton REALTOR®® Grade: 5/5

3) Strathcona – Southwest Edmonton 

Average Home Price (2017): $412,513 

Value: 49% 

Momentum Rate: 85% 

Edmonton REALTOR®® Grade: 4.5/5

4) West Meadowlark Park - West Edmonton 

Average Home Price (2017): $275,644 

Value: 88% 

Momentum Rate: 81% 

Edmonton REALTOR®® Grade: 3/5

5) Pembina - Northwest Edmonton  

Average Home Price (2017): $235,179 

Value: 93% 

Momentum Rate: 69% 

Edmonton REALTOR®® Grade: 3.5/5

6) Pleasantview – Southwest Edmonton 

Average Home Price (2017): $390,816 

Value: 58% 

Momentum Rate: 88% 

Edmonton REALTOR®® Grade: 4/5

7) Royal Gardens - Southwest Edmonton 

Average Home Price (2017): $341,786 

Value: 69% 

Momentum Rate: 82% 

Edmonton REALTOR®® Grade: 4/5

8) Canora – Northwest Edmonton 

Average Home Price (2017): $293,391 

Value: 77% 

Momentum Rate: 96% 

Edmonton REALTOR®® Grade: 3/5

9) Westmount – Northwest Edmonton 

Average Home Price (2017): $439,242 

Value: 27% 

Momentum Rate: 96% 

Edmonton REALTOR®® Grade: 5/5

10) Inglewood (St. Albert)- St. Albert, AB 

Average Home Price (2017): $348,057 

Value: 68% 

Momentum Rate: 84% 

Edmonton REALTOR®® Grade: 3.5/5 

While the above values represent the latest expert findings from MoneySense.ca, when it comes to finding your perfect Edmonton neighbourhood, nothing beats the true expertise of a qualified Edmonton REALTOR®®. Whether you’re considering buying a home in Edmonton or simply looking for ways to improve your current home’s value, we have all the information you need to help get your started! 

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*REALTOR®S® as surveyed by MoneySense.ca 

**Information based on recent findings from MoneySense.ca, 2018

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