11 Easy and Affordable DIY Christmas Gifts (That Aren’t Cookies)

11 Easy and Affordable DIY Christmas Gifts (That Aren’t Cookies) Main ImageLooking for fun, affordable DIY gift ideas that don’t require countless hours in the kitchen? These nifty, thrifty projects are just what you’ve been looking for!

1. Brown Sugar and Vanilla Scrub 

With simple ingredients you’re already putting to use this time of year, this brown sugar vanilla body scrub makes it easy to tackle both your holiday baking AND your gift list a the same time. 

2. Reindeer Beer 

Take “craft” to a whole new level with this Reindeer Beer DIY project. To create these holiday hops, you’ll need a case of your preferred bottled beer, a few pipe cleaners, pom poms, googly eyes and some glue – all of which you can find at the dollar store (except the beer, of course).

3. Salt Dough Ornaments

A perfect project for kids, salt dough ornaments are a crafty Christmas classic (you may have even made them as yourself when you were young). In addition to mixing the dough and cutting out a variety of fun Christmas shapes, children will enjoy personalizing their ornaments for friends and family.

4. DIY Snow Globes 

All you’ll need to make these DIY Snow Globes is a few craft store items and a little creativity! Simple, quick and completely customizable, these globes will make a welcome addition to anyone’s Christmas décor.

5. (Pork) Rub in a Jar 

Another easy gift made from what you already have in your pantry! This Pork Rub in a Jar recipe is ideal for both the chef or grill master of the family and even comes with free printable labels. Visit sheknows.com for dry rub variations suitable for chicken, seafood, beef and more.

6. Personalized Photo Candles 

Personalized Photo Candles are the perfect way to celebrate the season and cherished memories. A simple craft suitable for older children and adults alike, the candles are a breeze to make and cost less than $5 each!

11 Easy and Affordable DIY Christmas Gifts (That Aren’t Cookies) Blanket Image7. Chunky DIY Throw Blankets

Appropriate for knitters and non-knitters alike, Chunky DIY Throw Blankets are both inexpensive and ultra-trendy. What’s more, these blankets are so simple to make, you can knit and watch your favourite holiday movie at the same time!

8. Emoji Ornaments 

Express yourself (and your love for the holidays) with the help of these DIY Emoji Ornaments. While you will need to take a quick trip to the craft store, you can make several of these ornaments for less than $20.

9. DIY Coasters 

Fun yet practical, DIY Coasters will make a welcome gift for nearly everyone on your list. From scrabble tiles to wine corks, you can make them out of just about anything! You can find several unique ideas by visiting DIY.com.

10. Galaxy in a Jar 

An ideal project and/or gift for teens, this DIY Galaxy in a Jar craft is easy to make, and it looks amazing! Glitter, cotton balls, mason jars and acrylic paint are all you’ll need to create this starry-jarry look. Keep in mind, you can customize the paint colours to complement any room.

11. DIY Beard Balm 

DIY Beard Balm is the perfect present for every bearded bro you know! Made with four simple ingredients, the balm’s moisturizing properties help relieve dry, itchy skin while taming unruly whiskers at the same time.

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