Don't Try This at Home: 6 Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself

Don't Try This at Home: 6 Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself Main ImageWith Google at your disposal, you can look up, research and learn how to do just about any home repair or renovation project. But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should! While we certainly don’t doubt your awesome handy-man or handy-woman capabilities, when it comes to more complicated repairs, attempting to tackle them on your own can be expensive, messy and downright dangerous.

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Here 6 home repairs we recommend leaving to the pros:   

1) Anything to Do With Gas...  

Whether you’re having problems with your stove, furnace or the gas line to your new outdoor barbecue, attempting to fix the issue yourself is extremely dangerous. A simple mistake such as failing to connect the item properly can lead to gas leaks, potential fires or even explosions.   

2) ...Or Electrical

Unless you’re an electrician by trade, we recommend leaving anything electricity related to the experts. Of course, there’s the primary risk of electrocution, but even if you turn the electricity off, poor installation can lead to short circuiting and electrical fires – not to mention a failed grade on a home inspection.   

3) Structural Repairs

DIY shows make “opening up the space” look so easy. We often forget the repairs we see on TV are carried out by professionals who know how to work with the structure of a home. Your walls, beams, joists, teleposts, foundation etc. all contribute to your home’s structural integrity – and attempting to adjust any of these elements on your own can cause serious damage to you, your home and your chequebook.   

4) Plumbing

Got a new dishwasher or hot water heater you’re planning to install? Or maybe you have a burst pipe you’re convinced you can replace on your own? When it comes to anything plumbing related, we recommend seeking the help of an expert. Poor installation can lead to leaks, floods and extensive (and expensive) water damage.   

Don't Try This at Home: 6 Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself Roof Repair Image5) Roof Repairs

Roof repairs aren’t for the faint of heart and, fear of heights aside, there are several reasons why we recommend leaving this one to the pros. Firstly, it’s extremely dangerous as one false move can be fatal. Secondly, botched repairs can make a small problem even bigger (leading to leaks or structural damage). And lastly, DIY roof projects can void your existing warranty – leaving you on the hook for repairs that could have cost you nothing at all.    

6) Anything Requiring a Permit

Whether it’s building a new deck or finishing your basement, any project needing a permit is reason to call in some seriously skilled labour. Permit-based renovations or additions will require you to pass an inspection by the City of Edmonton. Should you make a mistake, your project can end up costing you more than anticipated as you’ll be required to make adjustments (or worse, start all over again). For this reason, we recommend enlisting the help of those who can get the job done quickly and correctly.   

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