9 DIY Life Hacks Every Homeowner Should Know

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Our top tips, tricks and how-tos for tackling everyday tasks around your home.

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1. Unclog a Sink (in three parts) 

Part 1: Use a Plunger 

Not just for toilets! After filling the clogged sink with water, use a plunger to help dislodge debris.

Part 2: Use a Hanger

If the plunger didn’t work, take it to the next level by using a hanger. Simply pull out the drain stopper, run some hot water and keep the wire pressed to the side of the pipe (to avoid pushing the clog down further). This is an incredibly effective tool for removing hair clogs. Yuck.

Part 3: Clean the P-Trap

Last but not least, place a bucket below the sink’s P-trap and use a pair of pliers to remove the pipe. Once removed, use a wire brush, hanger or snake to clear out any debris.

9 DIY Life Hacks Every Homeowner Should Know Carpet Stain Image2. Get Rid of Carpet Stains 

Get rid of stubborn carpet stains with a few simple items: an iron, a damp rag and equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the stain with the solution and lay the damp rag overtop. On steam setting, iron the area for approximately 30 seconds, repeating the process as necessary.

3. Reduce Your Utility Bills 

Reduce your home’s energy consumption and lower your utility bills with the following hacks:

Pull Out the Fridge – Prolong the life of your fridge and reduce its energy consumption by pulling it away from the wall.

Low-Flow the Toilet – Minimize how much water your toilet uses by placing a brick (or another heavy item) in the tank. This lessens the tank capacity, therefore reducing how much water you use every time you flush.

Go Unplugged – Save on “phantom power” by unplugging devices when they’re not in use (i.e. coffee maker, toaster, phone chargers, etc.).

4. Remove Scratches on Furniture 

To remove unsightly furniture scratches, use a dollop of toothpaste. Using a non-gel paste, circularly rub the scratch until faded or removed. Clean with a damp cloth.

Bonus: This trick can be used on scuffed linoleum floors, too.

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5. Easy Air Fresheners

Save money on overpowering aerosol sprays and plug-ins with one of these two DIY air fresheners:

Warm Vanilla Scent - Preheat your oven to 300 degrees, then place two caps of vanilla in an oven-proof dish for an hour.

Note: You can use other scented oils/extracts as well.

Linen Fresh – Stick a few dryer sheets to the front of any household fan then turn it on for a light, breezy scent.

6. Baby Your Squeaky Floors 

Squeaky floors keeping you up at night? Silence noisy hardwood with a sprinkle of baby powder (seriously!). Shake a generous amount of powder over and around the squeaky area, then use a cloth to rub it into the seams. The powder then acts as a buffer between boards, keeping creaks to a minimum.

7. Clean Your Blinds 

Grab a pair of kitchen tongs and wrap either side with a damp dishcloth (secure with an elastic). For extra grimy blinds, you can use scouring pads instead.  

9 DIY Life Hacks Every Homeowner Should Know Puppy Image8. Remove Pet Hair From Carpet and Upholstery 

Ditch your battered lint roller in favour of a much more effective tool – a squeegee! Use on furniture, drapes and your carpet to quickly and easily lift unwanted pet hair.

For other helpful pet-related cleaning tips, see our previous post: 10 Home Cleaning Tips Every Pet Owner Should Know

9. Minimize Garbage Woes 

If you're sick of trying to pry smelly, wet bags from the garbage can, take the following steps:

1. Line the bottom of your garbage bags with old flyers, recycled paper or paper towel (this will prevent leaks).

2. Drill a small hole in the bottom of your garbage can. This keeps the bag from vacuum-sealing to the can’s interior.

Bonus Hack: Find tiny dropped objects (i.e. a pin, nail or earring back) by placing a nylon stocking over your vacuum cleaner.  

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What home-related DIY hacks do you swear by? Let us know in the comments!

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