Active Homes Custom Builder

For more than 15 incredible years, Active Homes have been dedicated to helping clients bring their dream homes to life. As one of Edmonton's most accomplished builders, they take great pride in constructing high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and uniquely personalized homes that stand the test of time.

Active Homes collaborate exclusively with the industry's top craftspeople, each one a master in their respective trade, ensuring that every project is a harmonious blend of skill and artistry. This exceptional team can transform clients' visions into breathtaking realities, creating spaces that resonate with the homeowners' individuality.

As a respected member of the Progressive Home Warranty, Active Homes is committed to providing a home-building experience that is not only seamless but also enjoyable for every client. Their professional yet warm approach helps guide clients through every step of the process, ensuring that the journey from concept to completion is as delightful as the finished product itself.