For the Love of Barbecue!

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The history of barbecuing, or cooking meat by grilling over fire, dates back to our ancestors more than 100,000 years ago. (No, dinosaurs were not around to share the meal.) Today, barbecuing is an art, science, and a summertime passion. And it goes far beyond steak. Fish, for example, explodes with flavor when grilled. The following recipe for Grilled Cajun Salmon will introduce you to a spice rub that will surely become a favorite, and it will send you shopping for two accessories to add to your barbecuing paraphernalia (if don’t already have them): the electric spice mill and the fish grilling basket.

Spices have a tremendous impact on the outcome of the dish. Without spices, you might as well not bother grilling. Beware, though. The aroma and flavor of spices decreases as freshness decreases. This is terrible news considering that some spices are ground and packaged months or even years before you buy them! Whenever possible, buy whole spices that you can grind yourself, or buy small amounts of freshly ground spice. New accessory #1 to add to your Barbecue collection: the electric spice mill.

A spice rub replaces the time required for marinade or the fuss of a baste. Just rub then grill, and you’ll create a spicy crust that nicely contrasts the inside of the meat. The resulting flavor is intensified because the spices are not diluted by liquid. The possible flavor combinations for spice rubs are endless.

Cajun Rub (from The Barbecue Bible by Steven Raichlen)

  • ½ C. coarse...