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Spring Fever In Our Edmonton Real Estate

Spring Fever In Edmonton Image

It’s that time of year… Property listings have spiked, and so have sales. It’s a bustling time of year when “for sale” signs immediately change to “sold”, and both sellers and buyers must make important financial and lifestyle decisions in a short period of time.

Sellers, be ready.

Amp up your regular spring cleaning. Make an extra effort to de-clutter so that your storage and living areas appear spacious and organized. Prioritize small fixes, those that will translate into the best return on investment. This is not the time to build a new deck or renovate your kitchen. Pay attention to details, such as paint touch-ups, new shower curtains, and making sure faucets are working. Wash windows, wipe baseboards and freshen your décor with a few key items. Also, remember curb appeal. Tidy your flower beds and lawn, repaint your front door, and maybe plant a new tree. Your real estate agent can advise you on where to best channel your energy and efforts in making your home presentable for viewing.

Buyers, be ready.

Clear your schedule for house hunting. It is a time-consuming, emotional endeavor that requires your wholehearted attention. Free up your evenings and weekends for home viewing appointments with your real estate agent. Inventory moves quickly, multiple buyer situations are common, and it takes time to carefully consider the pros and cons of each home. View each home with your list of needs and wants in hand. Financially, have your ...